The Project

  • Summer 2022
  • Material: Exterior Paint
  • Location: 117 Allingham Gardens (Near Wilson Subway Station)

This mural celebrates the rich biodiversity in Ontario ecoregion. The piece was commissioned by Bell Box Murals Project/A Program of Community Matters Toronto. The design was chosen out of over hundred submissions around the York Centre neighbourhood and Duke Heights BIA area in Toronto, Ontario.

The Message
Identifying the names of our biodiversity in our city enables us to learn about them, to connect with them, and to understand their place in the world. I’d like the mural to be a reminder to keep stewards of our land, in order to support the well-being of ourselves, the community and our natural environment.

The Impact
This project was a milestone in my mural career and quest to bring family-centred art to the public. I have achieved my overall goal to engage the local community through this piece:
For example,

  1. I had a mother and son taking a great interest and asked me the intention behind the work.
  2. I had a couple in their 50s, who takes a walk every day around the block expressed their appreciation that their walk has become more enjoyable.
  3. A group of school students stopped by and asked me why I do what I do.
  4. A lady, who works as an art therapist gave me a feedback about the effect of the work, how it uplifts the neighbourhood.

The Commitment
These are different species of Ontario mammal(Red Fox - endangered), plant(Plantains - medicinal ) and bird(Wood Duck - at risk), their names written in English, scientific terms, Ojibwe and the Artist’s native language Japanese.

Both the First Nation and the Artist’s culture have a special relationship with the lands, water and resources. Their way of harvesting recognizes the importance of conservation and protection; that is, only to take what you need. I believe this is a value that we must pass on to our future generation.